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Enter into Ponderosa Country

Thank you for your interest in my work

Into your hands, into your heart

If your personal totem has a “voice” ~ invite it to speak through your special basket.

Share the Joy

Basket maker Judy Arledge invites you to share her joy of creating pine needle baskets.

Come along for a walk in the forest ∼ step lightly where the pine needles have fallen, creating a warm blanket for Mother Earth. The fragrance is pure pleasure ∼ especially when we are blessed with a soft rain on our journey.

Respect must be shown for the pathways, worn soft like the bottom of favorite moccasins by the wild creatures of the wood, as they make their way home or to places of refreshing water. It is an honor to be a guest here ∼ and a privilege to share in the bountiful harvest of needles from the Proud Ponderosa.

Be vigilant as we pass through the land of tall pines and creatures of the forest, for blessings abound. Perhaps a new grass or colorful moss will catch our eye ∼ a feather shed in flight, or an unusual seedpod may find its way into our gathering vessel.

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Judy Arledge, Artist

Treasures selected with a
gentle spirit of gratitude

for when we add them to our weaving project, they will sing to us of memories from our time in the forest.

Facts about the artist

  • Experience Traditional Basketry
  • Professional, Respected Artist-Teacher, One-of-a-kind Gifts
  • On Staff with National Wildlife Federation as an instructor of traditional basketry for "Family Summit" events.
  • Featured in Sundance Catalog
  • Creating Contemporary Designs, with a deep respect for "the Old Ways" since 1980
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