Resurrected Hornicopia

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The Story

Long time ago ~ prairie grasses were high, wildlife was balanced in the circle of all things blessed by the creator. Tasks were shared, stories were told, music and water were the bridge from earth to sky ~ and always there was respect for the elders and the Spirit That Moves In All Things.

Let us remember ~ The bison horn is strong, as it cradles the circle basket made of pine needles from the Mighty Ponderosa ~ growing first toward the sky, then touching the forest floor. A washed and weathered ring of wood, rescued at low tide offers firm support in the telling of this story.

And the “telling”? Always there is the music to carry the words and keep them in memory. Tiny beads of jasper, gems from the Earth Mother, add their promise of protection.

The “promise” passes through each of us to honor ~ the time of long ago has much wisdom to share. Walk softly ~ listen for the song. Perhaps harmony will return.

Be Blessed –
In Ponderosa Country -
Judy Arledge