Custom Orders

Basketry has served as a bridge for me - linking me to friends, family, history, and other cultures. I can relate with integrity and clarity those simple experiences that have sometimes come dancing, other times crashing, into my personal circle. I have an authentic enthusiasm for sharing my stories and would be honored to schedule a presentation for your group. Please communicate your interest via my e-mail. If you would like to enter the world of basketry as a student, you are invited to contact me for class details.

Please remember, there are limitless options for designs and combinations. The board centers are available in several sizes and may compliment the coiled pattern as a basket bottom or as a lid center. You are challenged to also consider the basket possibilities available with the variety of shapes and designs which incorporate the traditional teneriffe centers. Colorful beads of turquoise, malachite, or amethyst add drama to the natural fibers used to create each basket.

You may make your selection from the choices before you or communicate your special request via e-mail. Prices reflect the complexity of stitch or design. Measurements may vary slightly because human hands and natural materials are the elements of production. I will confirm your order and notify you prior to the shipment date. I sincerely appreciate your interest in my work.