Turtle Shell

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The Story

“In Celebration of Turtle”

If you are inspired by “Turtle” and relate to the mystic gifts of this ancient creature, you may claim Turtle as your personal totem. Study the ways of Turtle to learn new perceptions about time, an awareness of higher discrimination, and amazing survival skills. Turtle is the keeper of mysteries, with legendary bonds to the lunar cycle and longevity ~ symbolism relating to the power of female energy. Appreciate the medicine of Turtle. Mother Earth adds her blessing ~ sheltered among the river rocks is an abandoned turtle shell ~ destined for resurrection and a new life as the center of this distinctive basket. The ancient symbol of wisdom, turtle celebrates life ~ freedom in the water, and warmth from the summer sun while at rest on a floating log. Other baskets are “born” as abandoned shells are found ~ each one a respected treasure and unique in its new “life”, gathered at the edge of a Montana River.

Be Blessed –
In Ponderosa Country -
Judy Arledge