Proud Ponderosa

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The Story

Excellence by design, from the Breath of the Creator of all things.

The Majestic tower from forest floor, reaching straight for the sky, is our natural link from Earth to Heaven, an outpost sanctuary for the owls of the night, a performance arena for songbirds by day ~ like a strong Father, providing shelter and food for the forest family.

Walk gently on the needles and leaves who have surrendered to their next life ~ Soft places beneath the Proud Ponderosa have been designed by the animals as they walk and hunt, gather and store supplies, make their homes and create their families.

The basket maker comes here to be where the wild things are. She enters with reverence, always giving thanks for the privilege of sharing this time, this sacred ground, where the Ponderosa Village has filled the air with intoxicating fragrance. Carefully she selects the dark, straight needles ~ the ones who have volunteered to drop to the forest floor, who will now be added, one needle at a time into the coiled rows of your basket.

You have been to the forest too ~ your treasured memories and the integrity of your work have been the inspiration for this woven vessel.

Be Blessed –
In Ponderosa Country -
Judy Arledge