Vessel of Victory

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The Story

The vision for this basket design was presented to me in dream form. The concept evolved with purpose, with an intimacy demanding expression.

Her base is strong, centered on the Alaska yellow cedar burl, with a tiny opening at the heart for the Basket Spirit to freely come and go ~ to offer a constant portal to the power of the Earth Mother. She is splashed with Jasper, and her overflow of newborn baskets is honored to share such value.

History and tradition have informed me, have increased my respect and appreciation for the Creator’s divine purpose for all things. The gift of Jasper, born of the earth, is the gem of endurance and protection ~ believed to vanquish negative energies, opening the pathway for accepting the challenge of meeting personal responsibilities.

The richly detailed, fullness of her body speaks to the boundaries of protection, the circle of all things connected, the strength to face the challenges of personal adversity, with the gift of leadership for her tribe at the core of her being.

This vessel was created with authentic respect for the “old ways” and a trust in the purity of a “design dream”. She has an aura of self-awareness and integrity ~ a quiet power you can embrace.

Be Blessed –
In Ponderosa Country -
Judy Arledge