Tree Frog "Song of Frog"

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The Story


It is the time of moon rising, just at twilight, from across the pond where the cattails sway, the SONG OF FROG is a special gift. Study this symphony to capture the message: Charisma in the tone indicates a call to mate ~ power in the sound will claim territory ~ a bold voice says “Predators be warned ~ Frog knows where you are and has signaled the village!”

If you are drawn to Frog, register for the gifts of this totem. You are sensitive to the emotions of others and are able to comfort with well-chosen words ~ your sympathy is sincere and warmly received, as a friendship treasure.

Frog as totem is the host of change and growth ~ a symbol of constant creative power, connected to the lunar energies of water ~ dive deeply and graciously receive the lessons of Frog.

Be Blessed –
In Ponderosa Country -
Judy Arledge