Story Teller - Basket Grandmother

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The Story

Come closer ~ let me introduce you to Basket Grandmother: one who carries memories of the old ways and stories of Earth Mother.

From the earth, tiny beads of Amethyst assemble to anchor a wee basket, coiled of pine needles and fine wisps of raffia. Others from the basket family, proud to be included in this gathering, are safely in place with sister gems of Mother Earth. Their names are Garnet, Jasper, Lapis, and Turquoise ~ each adding special gifts to honor Basket Grandmother on her journey.

The adornment of Corn Beads from Cherokee Country in South Carolina carries the legend of tears cried when the “Real People” were forced to leave their homeland in sorrow and grief, marched like cattle down “The Trail of Tears.”

Look closely at the Spirit Bear family ~ a mother, fierce in her dedication, a pillar of righteous rage if any of her three cubs are threatened ~ nestled safely among the Corn Beads.

Turtle rides near the basket rim ~ forever honored as the keeper of wisdom, the traditional symbol of feminine strength, integrity and endurance.

The Proud Ponderosa volunteered her needles, the pine center of the basket wears the seed cone ~ the birth center of our sacred forests. A soft feather, journeyed from flight, floating through the tree boughs, to rest along the basket maker’s path, adds a special blessing to the stories shared when Basket Grandmother speaks. Listen closely ~ inspiration and wisdom are whispered here.

Be Blessed –
In Ponderosa Country -
Judy Arledge