Spirit Bear

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The Story

To The One Who Holds This Basket ~~

Great Spirit Bear walked through the forest of the Mighty Ponderosa. She liked the softness of the pine needles beneath her feet. Even when the sun was no longer at the high point of blue sky, the breast of Earth Mother was warm under the natural blanket of the brown needles. She began her search for a place to rest. Look closely at your basket and you will see the path she chose. She moved with great care in a circle down to the center of this woven vessel. She is free to come and go, as all Spirit Bears are, but she has made a promise to the maker of your basket~~ wherever she has rested, she will leave this special blessing: the gift of courage, righteous rage if children are in danger, and a fierce respect for the Creator of all things. This promise has been woven into your gift basket, one needle at a time.

Be Blessed –
In Ponderosa Country -
Judy Arledge