River Otter – Sharing Joy

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The Story

With curiosity and a playful spirit, River Otter captures our imagination, inspires us to examine our surroundings with fresh interest and appreciation.

Their connection to water is key to the mystery of their energy ~ feminine strengths of creation and the joy of giving birth. Fierce protectors of their young, Mother Otter will send the Father out of the den, allowing him to return only when the wee otters are out and about. The task of swimming lessons is handled by the Mother!

If River Otter has surfaced in your life, perhaps the suggestion to find some “playtime” should be heeded, maybe you are being too playful, and the challenge to maintain “focus” is the lesson at hand.

Search your heart and listen with care ~ River Otter is here to teach.

Be Blessed –
In Ponderosa Country -
Judy Arledge