Native Flute Player

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The Story

This basket design was created for my friend, Bruce Truett.

The center figure is to bring honor to the native music that comes from the heart of the music maker. The step-wrap pattern represents the sacred four directions and the balance of the design in the swirling circle of the step is the blessing of music at all times for all things.

The naturally dried pine needle has lived the life assigned by the creator. The weaver sees continued beauty in this fiber, and selects with care the needles to be used for a basket. Green needles were added to this vessel to remind the one who holds the basket of the promise of spring. Three coils of green are significant to the weaver and always a pattern of three will appear somewhere in her work ~~~ to symbolize her personal most treasured blessing of the gift of three sons

Be Blessed –
In Ponderosa Country -
Judy Arledge