Baskets as Ports of Entry

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The Story

A package of interesting feathers, accompanied by a note of challenge from my friend Mary Anne, arrived in the mail just before my yearly trip into the Alaska Wilderness for additional studies of the “Old Ways” of traditional basketry.

Mary Anne had completed her world cruise and put pen to paper, adding a photograph to heighten the drama of her stories. At every shoreline wherever it was possible, she ventured off the common path to search out native basket makers. The feathers she sent were volunteer sheds from New Guinea with the suggestion they would serve me well as “creative seed” for my next project. I accepted the challenge, and created “Baskets As Ports of Entry” ~ inspired by our treasured friendship, our respect for the Old Ways, and our shared love for stories that take us beyond the boundaries of words.

Please, come closer ~ walk the shoreline and visit “Baskets As Ports of Entry”.

The Base of Alaska Yellow Cedar Burl has gentle curves, much like the coastlines where Mother Earth meets oceans deep. Madagascar Aventurine sparkles along the pedestal edge, just as sunlight catches on the waves when they obey the push and pull of the moon’s command to the tides.

Tiny baskets are woven into the larger basket body, each one representing a special find as villages off the beaten path were discovered to be home for native basket makers.

Gems of the earth have been added to compliment the richness of discovery, the priceless treasure of friendship and the lasting value of a fine story.

Examine the innermost center of the burl ~ returning your gaze is the image of a remembered face as represented by the authentic “Stone People” of Alaska Petroglyphs ~ completing the basketry bridge of long ago into this contemporary design.

Be Blessed –
In Ponderosa Country -
Judy Arledge